I am glad to be part of the Fortrese savings product because it enables me to save and also earn interest. The staff are very helpful and knowledgeable on the product and always available to help and support me if I have any questions. I would recommend Fortrese Savings to my family and friends. 


I’ve been an active proponent of Fortress and what they stand from its inception. 
I believe their initiative and direction to both encourage people from all demographics to save and also have access to funds is very admirable and much appreciated by all their subscribers. 
I’d gladly recommend anyone serious and curious investors to look into their content and consider partaking in their savings program. 


I have found Fortrese savings to be good product. I just set it up with my details and Fortrese did all the rest which was easy for me, giving me the opportunity to save easier.


Fortrese Savings beta has really helped me to save up for the things that I need, as I’m not that great at saving usually. The ability to save without seeing the money in my account or physically having to withdraw it, is good as then I am not able to spend it. I will definitely continue to use your services as it is perfect product for me. 


I have been saving with Fortrese since January 2021, and before this during their testing phase. During this time I have had nothing to complain about. The whole process for signing up was done very professionally and confidentially.
I feel that my personal information is protected from it being accidentally leaked to a third party or otherwise. 
I am happy to be able to use this system to save because it’s so easy to do so. The setup is each month, a simple direct debit from your account and a cash payment into, when you receive the savings. As easy as that.
Thank you Fortrese